Matthew 16:13-28 | Subversive Church

Subversive Kingdom

Jesus’s Kingdom enters the world not through conquest or government but through imperfect people and messy local churches.

Questions for Reflection

  • How would you put the Kingdom of God into your own words? What is the role of the Church in the Kingdom?

  • How does it encourage you that Jesus’s Church will never be defeated? What does that mean for your life, your relationships, and your service?

  • Where do you sense Jesus inviting you to take up your cross and follow him? What does it look like for you to lose your life to find it?

  • Read Romans 12 together. What would it look like for you to take on the mind of Christ (v. 1-2), the humility of Christ (v. 3-8), and the active love of Christ (v. 9-21)? What is one phrase in Matthew 16 or Romans 12 you want to commit to memory and prayer this week?