As a new church in the startup phase, Trinity gathers every Sunday morning at 10am at Columbia Independent School (1801 N. Stadium Boulevard 65202). 

Preview Gatherings: Once a month, we hold Preview Gatherings--full worship services with singing, preaching, and communion. Our upcoming Preview Gatherings are at 10:00am on Sundays, June 3, July 15, and August 12 at Columbia Independent School.

Plant Team Gatherings: On all other Sundays, we gather at the same time and place (10:00am at CIS) for fellowship, Bible study, discussion, and prayer. These are less formal gatherings and include a light breakfast snack. Our Plant Team is our group who have committed to helping us start Trinity Church with a foundation of individuals and families. But all are welcome to visit our plant team gatherings. 

Our TrinityKids ministry is available every Sunday, and visitors are welcome to attend any of our gatherings. 

What are the Preview Gatherings? 

We will hold preview gatherings at Columbia Independent School (CIS) at 10am on Sundays, June 3, July 15, and August 12. Preview Gatherings give us the opportunity to gather for a full-length worship service together. We gather for about 80-90 minutes, with worship, fellowship, teaching, communion, and TrinityKids ministries for children aged six months to ten years.  

What are the Plant Team Gatherings?

During our regular plant team gatherings at CIS, we begin at 10:00am with fellowship, coffee, and often a light breakfast snack. Our gatherings consist of a short (20-30 minute) devotional Bible study, followed by discussion and prayer. Some weeks we sing a few songs, but not always. We typically end around 11:30, but people usually hang out for a bit afterwards.

The devotionals are intended to be life-giving, non-judgmental, and practical—representing both the grace and truth of basic Christianity. Devotional study time is followed by discussion, so you are encouraged to ask questions, disagree, and share what God is doing in your life.

What if I’m New?  

We have first-time visitors nearly every week, so you won’t feel awkward or put on the spot the first time you join us! You are welcome to visit at one of our home gatherings or our preview gatherings, and you can also contact us here before your visit. 

What if I’m Not Sure About Christianity?  

You are more than welcome to come if you are exploring Christianity or a non-Christian. In fact, Trinity Church is being started to connect with people who don’t regularly attend church, have rejected Christianity, or have been hurt by the church in the past. We keep the teaching simple and our conversations free from insider language.

What About Kids and Teenagers?  

We provide childcare for kids up to age 10, and students are welcome to join us in our regular gathering. However, you are welcome to keep your kids of any age with you the whole time if you prefer.

Our childcare servants are regular attendees or volunteers from other churches, are all at least age 18, and have completed background checks. Through our TrinityKids ministry, children enjoy age-appropriate Bible teaching, question-and-answer time, lesson-themed activities, coloring, and other games. We use Children Desiring God curriculum for our preschool and grade school children. 

Why Do You Do Pre-Written Prayers?  

In both our Preview Gatherings and Community Bibles Studies, we use pre-written prayers and Scripture readings to guide our worship time. The pre-written prayers follow a traditional liturgy often found in Episcopal, Reformed, and Catholic churches.

How Often Do You Have Music?  

We sing a full worship song list during our Preview Gatherings and also sing together about once each month at the Plant Team Gatherings. We use a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary songs, and it's easy to participate. Our singing is an expression of our love for God and a formational experience for us as believers, so our songs are carefully chosen for theological depth and singability (a word we made up).