The purpose of TrinityKids is to discover the Grace of God, learn to Love him and others, and experience Renewal as they grow up, in partnership with their parents and caregivers. 

We love our children! The church belongs to them as much as it does to us adults. In order to love, serve, and raise our children well, our TrinityKids ministry includes several key components. 

Christ Centered

Our mission is not simply to provide childcare while parents worship and learn. Instead, TrinityKids provides Christ centered teaching, activities, and oversight. We use Children Desiring God curriculum and let everything we do point children to Christ. 

Safe & Secure

We recognize a heavy responsibility whenever a child is signed in to our care. We commit to keeping children safe and secure by requiring all volunteers to pass background checks, complete training, and follow strict policies and procedures. You’ll find more information in our Parent Handout, which outlines classroom, food, and bathroom policies, diaper procedures, sickness policy, etc. 


We welcome children from six weeks to age 10, regardless of background or developmental ability. Every child is created in God’s image, is unique in her/his own way, and develops at her/his own rate. We keep additional members on standby to provide 1-1 care for children with unique needs. Your child is welcome here! 

Age Appropriate

Children are cared for in classrooms based on age, so that we can provide developmentally appropriate instruction, care, and activity in each room. Younger children enjoy more free play time, calm music, and low-stimulus games, while older children get additional time in the gym and longer teaching lessons. 

Play Based

Children were created to move, play, and have fun! We expect our classrooms to be full of life, movement, and noise!