Matthew 20:20-28 | Subversive Greatness

We have seen that as soon as Peter confesses that Jesus is the Messiah the book of Matthew shifts its focus from the person of Christ to the work of Christ. Now that we know who he is — what did he come to do? In the passage before us we have Jesus’ third attempt to teach his disciples the meaning of his death. This time, Jesus gives us more details about his death than previously; for the first time, we are told not just that he will die but why he will do so. Here he begins to explain the meaning and purpose of his death, which have massive implications for how we understand greatness and service .

Matthew 13 | Subversive Kingdom

Have you ever considered the fact that “Christians are the rebels”?

In terms of the kingdom of God, that’s exactly what we are. But to see the true rebel nature of Christianity, you have to understand a bit about the kingdom of God. God was, is, and always will be the rightful and sovereign Ruler of the universe. But humanity, because of our nature and choices, has cast off His rule in mutiny and chosen to live as rebels to His kingdom.