Beginning Sunday, September 29th, we will be exploring some of the hard questions surrounding Christianity. In our Sunday gatherings and community groups, we will discuss questions including:

Is Christianity true? How do I believe in something I can’t prove?

Does Christianity matter? How does it provide a sense of identity, meaning, and purpose?

Does God care about my happiness and peace in life?

What does Christianity teach about gender and sexuality?

Does Christianity contribute to a more just and merciful world?

What do Christians believe about creation and evolution?


Questions & Responses

Throughout the series, we will provide time during the worship gathering for Question & Response. (Not Q&A, because we probably won’t have all the answers.) Throughout the worship and teaching time, you’ll be able to text in a question, and we will take 10-15 minutes of the service to read (anonymously) and respond to questions.

Submit Your Questions

But we don’t expect to know all of the questions that exist in our community, so we want to hear from you! We have scheduled the first few weeks of our teaching series, but we have left the second half of the series open, in order to respond to questions submitted online.

If you are a Trinity member or one of our neighbors in Central Missouri, please use the form to submit a question below. You don’t have to include your name and contact info, but you are welcome to introduce yourself (especially if you want a personal response). We won't be able to devote a whole gathering to every question, but we will address the most common questions and respond to as many questions as possible.

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