What Kind of Church is Trinity?

We are a Grace centered congregation that exists to Love one another and promote the Renewal of our communities.

We try to keep the main thing the main thing: Our desire is to be Christ centered in everything we do, say, and experience.  

Second, we hold to historic Christian beliefs within the Protestant tradition. 

Third, we are non-denominational, so whether your background is Baptist, Charismatic, Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian, or you are completely new to church, you’ll likely find someone at Trinity with a similar background.

Fourth, we have partnerships with two national organizations, Sojourn Network and Fellowship Associates.

Who Leads the Church?

Trinity is being planted by a team of leaders, including pastors and several volunteer ministry leaders (see Our Leaders for more info). We have an outside elder board (from Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, KY) to provide additional oversight and accountability during the startup phase. 

Can I Come If I’m Not a Christian?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, Trinity exists to connect non-church people to a body of biblical faith. If you don’t believe in Christianity, are burnt out on religion, or have been hurt by the church in the past, we hope to be a place of refuge for you.

Are You a College Church?

We are not a college church, but undergrads are warmly welcome. Currently we are primarily young to middle-aged professionals and families, with a handful of college students. If you’re a college or grad student looking to build friendships with Christ-following peers and with older and younger believers, we hope you’ll consider joining Trinity. We occasionally hold Bible studies on the Mizzou campus; email mark@trinitymo.org if interested.

Do You Have Small Groups?

Yes! Our community groups provide a hospitable environment for discipleship and personal growth. Although groups meet at a regular time and place, a community group is a small spiritual family, not simply an event. We eat together, do life together, study the Scriptures together, build one another up together, and serve our community together. 

Read more on our Community Groups page.

Are There Ways to Get Involved in Serving and Leading?

Yes! Since we are early in startup phase, we’re in an all-hands-on-deck season. Almost every one of our members also serves in hospitality, service, childcare, teaching, worship, and prayer ministry. We hope to help you identify your spiritual gifts and desires and give you the opportunity to use those gifts to the fullest. Contact us to get involved. 

Where Does Trinity Get Funding?

Trinity Church is generously financed by its members and outside supporters. We are blessed to have received funding or donations from Sojourn Church (Louisville, KY), Sojourn Network (Louisville, KY), Fellowship Associates (Little Rock, AR), Redeemer Fellowship (Kansas City, MO), Antioch Bible Church (North Kansas City, MO), Sojourn Church (Beaumont, TX), Scarlet City Church (Columbus, OH), Karis Church (Columbia, MO), Coram Deo Church (Omaha, NE), Calvin Presbyterian (Louisville, KY), First Baptist (Augusta, KS), Summit Church (Ft. Myers, FL), Rockpoint Church (Crawfordsville, IN), Redemption’s Hill Church (Columbia, MO), and Redeemer Church (Bloomington, IN). 

What Types of Accountability are in Place?

We believe that we are merely stewards of Trinity Church, which belongs to and for God. Thus, we hold to the highest standards of accountability. Financial accountability is provided by our external elder board, who set the fundraising goals and church budget, including the pastors’ salaries. Trinity also sends financial updates and details to each of its supporting churches and partners.

What if I Have More Questions?

Come visit us on a Sunday morning or email us (welcome@trinitymo.org).