Responding to Hurricane Harvey

Hey Trinity members and friends, 

This past Sunday evening, we prayed for Houston and the surrounding areas in light of Hurricane Harvey. We also prayed for one of our partner churches, Sojourn Church in Beaumont, TX. 

Sojourn's pastor, Josh Jean, posted this message on our network's website today, with some ways we can help and partner. We have already made a donation on behalf of the church--so your regular Trinity giving is already providing much-needed disaster relief through a great local church. But we wanted to give you another way to donate additional funds to purchase clothing and other items for displaced families. Thanks, church! JSL

From Josh: 

We have just returned from the Beaumont Civic Center, which is where the Red Cross’ emergency shelter for Beaumont is located. They currently have over 800 people and 75 animals housed there. I was able to speak with a Red Cross official to gather the most important items they currently need. Here they are:

New Socks
Gently used or new T-shirts
New Underwear
Gently used or new Blankets
Gently used or new Towels
Stuffed Animals - Neutral
Dog Food
Baby/Kids clothes
Gently used or new Pillows
Individual Toiletries: Rag, Shampoo, Hand Lotion, comb.
Packaged food (cookies, crackers, etc.)

We are going to be collecting these items this afternoon to deliver for those in need. You can donate money specifically to this cause. You can either give online (website or Chase Paygiving@sojournbeaumont.com, be sure to note it is for Hurricane relief) or you can pledge the money and contribute it at a later date. If you would like to pledge money, please email giving@sojournbeaumont.com so we can track it all in one place.