An Exciting City Service Project!

Hey Trinity family!

 I have an exciting announcement: We have a unique opportunity to serve our city in a significant way, in partnership with other churches as well as the local community, in a single day (Saturday, April 27th). We will be (drumroll, please?)… running point on the creation of an urban pop-up park on the Business Loop!!

Loop project.jpg

Three things have converged to make this possible: 

(1) Our love for the Business Loop. Call us crazy, but as we announced at our public launch in September, we think the B-Loop is a sneaky cool part of central Columbia that could serve as a future home for Trinity Community Church. Why? The Loop is making a comeback, and, as it is centrally positioned and reachable from every part of Central Missouri, has the potential to be renewed for the good of the city. Our long-term desire is to find an old building in a left-behind part of town and renew it to use as a multi-use ministry base and community center, and the Loop seems like a perfect place for this. (Of course, I’m about 5-10 years ahead of myself, as usual, and we LOVE meeting at CIS for now and the foreseeable future!) 

(2) A relationship with the Loop: Out of this interest, we have been building a relationship with the Loop CID, an urban development office, which has received local and grant money to revitalize the Business Loop. We had discussed providing volunteers for beautification projects, but no immediate needs had been finalized. However, they have been working on this crazy cool idea to establish an urban pop-up park in the unused lot between Flooring America and a payday loan shop (ugh).   

(3) ForColumbia: I serve on the pastoral committee for ForColumbia, a one-day service cooperative for about 50 local churches. FC’s commander-in-chief, Shelly Mayer, invited member Conrad Hake and me to a planning meeting, and things began to come together in a beautiful (divinely inspired?) way. ForColumbia has been looking for a way to add the Loop to its growing list of service sites for April 27th, and this meeting brought us to the potential of having a joint Trinity-ForColumbia-Loop CID project to establish the Community Pop-Up Park in a single day!

Last week, we got word that Boone Electric (who owns the 1-2 acre lot) will pave the entire lot with asphalt in a few weeks. The Loop office is purchasing all the items needed to create an urban/festival park, but they need volunteers to pull it off. Enter Trinity: We will provide the majority of the volunteers (hustle and heart) for the project and work with FC and the Loop folks on Saturday, April 27th (the city-wide ForColumbia date). At the end of the day, there *may be* a big ForColumbia celebration for all the volunteers, located at the new community park. Pretty sweet opportunity to serve our city and let others know that we love our city and are quick to work with anyone doing good. 

So what do we need? I’m glad you asked. We need volunteers (LOTS of them!) and team leaders (a few of them).  Your children are welcome to join you, and we’ll have some small projects for them as well. Or you can choose to utilize FC’s great day-long childcare.

Here are some basic project details:

Laying astroturf in the park area
Assembling ten heavy-duty picnic tables
Filling twelve 8-ft water tanks with rocks, dirt, and small trees (urban forest)
Painting two large (hipster beloved) shipping containers
Assembling out some additional tables and chairs
Painting small rocks (perfect for school-aged kids)
Add fencing around the park (most likely)
Install a bike station at nearby Parkade plaza, inc a bike rack, bench, and trees
Provide drinks, snacks, and other refreshments to hard-working volunteers

We will have one or two contractors from FC’s rolodex to give guidance on more technical stuff (inc the bike station), FC volunteers, and volunteers from several non-church organizations as well. I already have a few folks that have offered to help with logisitics over the next four weeks and several team leaders, but if you are interested in either of those roles, email me! Otherwise, REGISTER HERE for the project—or sign up at the Resource Table on a Sunday. 

Okay, folks! Have a great day and we’ll see you Sunday!

Jeremy (on behalf of the lead team)