Leader Q&A: Conrad Hake


What is your role at Trinity?

My best role is being part of the Trinity family, but I also get to lead outreach, global initiatives, and spiritual formation.

Tell us about your family!

Debi and I have been married for 17 years. She’s a therapist, entrepreneur, and advocate for emotional, relational, and spiritual health. We have three kids: Josiah (15), Mackenzie (12), and Oliver (17 months), our craziest adventure yet.

Where else are you involved in the community? (work, volunteer, etc)

I’ve served on an advisory team with ForColumbia and coached soccer at a few schools in town. I’m currently helping coordinate the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Course for the second year and working with a grassroots neighborhood-focused mobilization group called Community of Faith. I’m also involved with starting up Serve573, one of Columbia’s best kept secrets. In my spare time, I lead operations for a web design company providing online marketing solutions for businesses and non-profits.

What's one crazy thing you have to do before you die?

We have a camper that’s on our DIY list to restore (that’s the crazy thing that seems like it’s taking most of my life to complete). If and when we get that done, I’d love to take a long trip through the Pacific Northwest.

What aspect of Trinity's vision do you most resonate with?

Renewal is especially compelling, because it’s the inevitable outcome of Grace and Love. The gospel isn’t just talk; it transforms. Renewal gives hope for the brokenness around us to be changed through God’s Grace and Love. Renewal is a compelling vision of Jesus’ love penetrating the deepest, darkest places of our own souls, relationships, and community and restoring their value, beauty, and purpose. Renewal allows us to love our community, not just put up with it, because we hope for something better. I think that’s a longing shared by everyone that the gospel uniquely delivers.