Leader Q&A: Lindsey Poenie


What is your role at Trinity?  

I oversee the hospitality team. This includes providing coffee and muffins on Sunday morning and overall making people feel welcome.

Where else are you involved in the community? (work, volunteer, etc) 

I work as an Account Strategist at a Columbia-based marketing agency, Influence & Co. Outside of my day job, I serve on the organizing committee for Start-Up Weekend CoMo. I also volunteer regularly at Coyote Hill Children’s Home.

What's your favorite thing about Columbia?  

I enjoy the art & culture community in Columbia. Between the True/False Film Festival, Roots & Blues Music Festival, and weekly opportunities to attend shows and films, Columbia really does offer so much to the creative community. I also really love the local bike riding trails. They are everywhere!

What are your favorite books, movies, or TV shows?  

Favorite Books: East of Eden, A Severe Mercy, and The Outsiders. All three books changed my life in very different ways.  Favorite Movies: Good Will Hunting, Midnight in Paris, The Royal Tenenbaums, and The Godfather I and II.  Favorite TV Shows: Friday Night Lights, Younger, Mad Men, Parks & Rec…honestly, this list is endless.

What aspect of Trinity’s vision do you most resonate with?  

The thing I appreciate most is the inclusivity of women. Our church does a good job at empowering and encouraging women to serve in areas they are gifted in. We’re encouraged to speak up and have opinions on matters within and outside of the church. It’s important to me to be considered an equal amongst men because the Bible does not exclude women nor does it give license to men to treat women as any less valuable.