Our First Preview Gathering!

Hey friends, 

Really big news: Our first Trinity Church preview gathering will be 5:00pm Sunday, October 15th at Cherry Hill Event Center!!



Over the past month, the Sunday evening gatherings in our home have grown from ten adults and six kids to an average of 22-24 adults and 8-10 kids. We will hold three Fall preview gatherings (also on November 12th and December 10th at Cherry Hill), as we continue to build our community and prepare to go public. 

What is a Preview Gathering?

We will gather to do what Christians have done for centuries: sing, break bread, and read the Word. It's a great opportunity for us to worship together in a way that gives us a vision of the future. Although we always hope to have a family-room feel to our church, we also recognize the need to meet in larger spaces on Sundays. These gatherings also give us the opportunity to invite friends, neighbors, and coworkers to a larger but still low-pressure gathering.

We'll sing six or seven songs together and follow a traditional liturgy of Psalms and communal prayers; I (Jeremy) will preach a 25-30 minute sermon from Ephesians; we'll take communion together; and we'll have safe, fun children's ministry.

Introducing TrinityKids

At our preview gatherings, we are starting our (more) formal TrinityKids ministry for children from 6 months to 6 years. Kids will enjoy play time, snacks, structured activities, and a short Bible lesson with take-home coloring sheets.

Our TrinityKids leaders include volunteers from our own group as well as incredible volunteers helping from our partner churches. They are trusted, kid-loving people! 


Please notice that this time is different from our usual meeting time--we'll meet an hour earlier for preview gatherings to better serve families with small children, and so that we can all go out to dinner together afterwards. So come a few minutes before 5:00! (Actually, if you're willing and able, please consider coming around 3:30 to help set up.)

We hope you'll spread the word, invite a friend, and join us on October 15th! 

Much love,