Why We're Called 'Trinity Church'

What are we called 'Trinity Community Church'? What is the significance of the Trinity for us?

The Trinity is the historic Christian theological framework for describing the glorious mystery that God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit—three in one. There are a few reasons why this is a perfect name for our new congregation.


It is a fundamental Christian doctrine that has been affirmed throughout the ages, a point of unity between believers across the globe. As a result of its theological importance, “Trinity” is a very traditional church name. The name has been adopted widely by Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Charismatic, Methodist, and Presbyterian traditions. We have been influenced and blessed by many of these different streams of Christianity and want to identify ourselves by a traditional name rather than something new and different. 


Indeed, the Trinity is a beautiful truth. Within the Trinity, we discover the glorious riches of God’s person and nature. In the Trinity, we come to a fuller understanding of the gospel: The Father loves us and calls us; the Son lived, died and was resurrected for us; and the Spirit applies that love and work to us, indwelling us with his presence.

Side Note: Our logo—created by our friend Chris Bennett in Louisville—is designed after a traditional stained-glass window. For centuries, churches have used stained-glass windows with three panes forming a single shape to signify the three Persons of the Trinity. Based on the famous “Trinity knot” design, the window is a lens for seeing the Church and for seeing from the Church into the world. The soft gold color is a nod to both our sending church (Sojourn Church in Louisville uses the same color scheme) and our heart for the students of the University of Missouri.


Since God is a relational being—he has eternally existed in relationship—and we are his image-bearers, we cultivate meaningful, committed, loving relationships with one another. We seek to have our relationships marked by Trinitarian ethics, putting one another first and seeking the glory of the other.


Within himself, God has both unity and diversity—God is three persons and yet there is one God. In our unique differences and backgrounds, we are wonderfully diverse yet united by the image of God. As a result, we promote diversity of gender, age, ethnicity, economic background in our congregation and will seek to establish a leadership that reflects unity in diversity.


God is three persons and yet there is one God. God is intimately knowable, and yet he is totally beyond us in beauty and purity. God has established our path yet given us freedom. The Christian life is full of paradox, and we would rather celebrate and trust God in the paradox rather than seek to question or doubt his nature and his ways.


There is no best name for a church. But we think ‘Trinity Community Church’ gives us a great opportunity to hold the historic truths of Scripture in a beautiful way. And in God’s hilarious providence, our first Sunday home gathering (June 11th, 2017) happened to fall on the annual date the liturgical church historically calls… Trinity Sunday.